Jacksonville-based InterviewSolutions® offers an affordable job interview prep and leadership development seminar

Mark Spitzer, military veteran, corporate jet pilot, and aviation educator offers an innovative job interview prep and leadership development seminar to prepare recent college/high school graduates, individuals seeking new employment or returning to the workforce, and military personnel transitioning to civilian life. As a result of current training in screening and interviewing applicants, he integrates his business expertise into a sought-after professional development programs. Through his understanding of the PRADCO® strategies used by HR professionals in Fortune® 500 companies, Spitzer offers a comprehensive seminar and/or a valuable 1:1 group interview preparation process using today’s behavioral-style of interviewing. His programs are affordable and can make a difference between a good or a GREAT interview. Invest in yourself! We’ll help you develop a personal strategy for success using best practices that work. Seminars are currently being held in Jacksonville and Orlando.

You will learn how to:

  • Make a positive first impression
  • Recognize and further develop leadership and communication skills
  • Develop a 30-Second Personal Elevator Speech
  • Broaden resume-building skills
  • Show self confidence and discipline during the interview process
  • Turn a weakness into an asset
  • Speak articulately and with focus during your presentation delivery
  • Recognize your professional attributes and build on your competencies
  • Know when to “listen” and use your best behavioral-based traits during an interview
  • Present the best appearance to suit the interview
  • Improve body language
  • Sell yourself – and not sell yourself short!
  • Handle difficult questions and situational events, such as a difficult interviewer
  • Present yourself as the best candidate for the job
  • Negotiate through a salary discussion – and win!