Corporate pilot Mark Spitzer is uniquely qualified as a job interview educator

Mark offers job interview seminars, which include resume building for various business sectors. Whether you’re just starting out seeking your first job, middle aged and the kids are gone and the time has come to get back into the job market, or coming out of the military and seeking civilian employment, Smooth Landings can help.

Personal career training can make a difference in your life

Mark’s career makes him very qualified to share his knowledge about the personal list you need to “check off” in order to be prepared to apply and secure a new position that can bring not just financial gain, but happiness, too. He has:

  • Excelled as a U.S. Air Force Meteorologist
  • Trained and evaluated officer candidates for 10 years at the U.S. Air Force Officer Training School
  • Prepared newly commissioned officers with leadership and communication skills and how to benefit from those skills
  • Trained in screening and interviewing new job applicants at his current job

In his personal world he is a mentor for middle and high school children in the Take Stock in Children program. He knows what recruiters are looking for and can help participants with winning their first job or transitional training to move into a new business sector. His coaching skills build his credibility as a leader in educating others to become successful. Mark has integrated his training and screening interview skills into innovative seminars to help job applicants land their dream jobs!